Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sharmilla Shah: love food photography


love food photography

when i started out me career, my seniors told me that there will come a time in your careers pan that you will like to do only one kind of photography. it could be people or products or nature shots or any such category. and i always wondered how that could be as i enjoyed every aspect of photography.
but i realise today that those words could not be more truer! i have found that i Love Food Photography, Children Photography and Wedding Candid photography as my passions. Because these test my skill as a photographer , my people skills and social skills! Without which there would be no going further
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Monday, October 7, 2013

candid weeding photography in bangalore

Today i just want to share this video of a lovely couple whom i photographed a few months ago. There is no tangible proof of love or God in this planet. They are just feelings and emotions. But each day millions of people show their faith by either simply lighting a candle before the Almighty or kneel down in submission to the powers that be. Each day a child is born as a proof of somebodys love and millions of people walk down the path of holy matrimony in search of ever lasting love....what more proof does one need?


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Read these wonderful things to achieve a GREAT BALANCE in life...

1.That SUCCESS is a Continuous Journey , it means that you cannot stop and rest on any one single achievement , that it should be constantly be a part of your life !And it also means that one Failure does NOT define your life , but simply demands more of your perseverance
2.That TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, this is my favourite because even if the whole world fails you , YOU need not let yourself down, HAVE FAITH , keep moving , and you will find what you looking for
3.IF you FEEL OVERWHELMED, FOCUS at one thing at a TIME, really this situation could be the story of all our lives, Just remember to take a deep breath and do it one thing at a time , look at a child , he or she revels at things one thing after the other...no stress!!
4.The FUTURE belongs to those who learn MORE SKILLS and use them  creatively to achieve whatever they are set out to, always keep evolving, dont be stagnant , add something new to your life everyday , it could be something as simple as a new thought , a new attitude or a another way you wear your shirt :) BUT EVOLVE...

Friday, August 30, 2013

Experience is a precious thing. Ask an amateur the value or the price he will pay to become perfect at what he aspires to achieve. i had a recent incident too where all my experience seemed to just melt away and i felt totally raw and empty . As if i had never performed that task ever. But more than the details i would like to draw you attention to that feeling which can strike one at any age and time. Have you ever felt that way, so totally empty raw that it scares the living day lights out of you. That feeling of helplessness is like falling down a cliff in slow motion, knowing very well that the end is just a few fleeting moments away. 

Having said that , how would you describe your feeling when you have woken up from a bad dream only to realize that indeed it is not true and you are actually , physically safe. Well fortunately these feelings of panic or of insecurity is nothing but just like those fleeting moments of insecurity which seem very real but are not so , and we wake up to an awakening that we can pull back what could have been lost forever, and this battle of pull and push continues to attach itself to everything that one does. Now how many pulls we can endure and how many pushes we can tolerate....well that will describe our journey!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


 I got back exhausted from an extensive trip to kenya, and i brought back with me , memories of a country which is rich in natural beauty and wildlife. Never realised the wild beauty of free and untamed animals walking in the wild. Never saw the majesticity of a lion awaiting its turn to hunt. Never experienced the madness of a beast trying to escape itself from the sure jaws of death. So much beauty was indeed an overwhelming experience for me.

The warmth of the people of kenya can be a chapter by itself. The endearing smiles across their faces hid their pain of poverty and  lack of access to a lot of modern amenities , we even in India take for granted.

But the spirits of the people of a rising nation can never be suppressed. Sign boards of various Schools and colleges only brought a smile to my face and made me say a silent prayer to the lord...to alleviate their pains and Bless them with health , Wealth and Life.

A Journey indeed! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Discipline...Scary little word, but in my experience a lack of this in ones life can lead to a lot more damaging situations. Discipline is just not all about forced judgement or about punishments, discipline is a method a decision that one person makes to do things or live their life in a certain way or style. To wake up by say 5 am. To exercise everyday , or reach office at one particular time. Imagine if these little commitments we made to ourselves and to so many others were not consistent over a period of time. what would happen?? a total chaos , isnt it? SO to bring a little method to this madness , i truly believe this little discipline in ones own areas of life is crucial . The rule or the choice is of course one's own!!!